Canoes and kayaks will be in limited supply again this year. We have some Nova Craft canoes booked for stock which should be arriving soon, and we can place orders for canoes not in stock or on order. Expect ‘long’ lead times for custom ordered canoes. Delta kayaks will be very limited in supply this year. We have one shipment coming in the April-May time frame, and as of March 3, we have only 4 boats left to sell off that shipment. There will be no further shipments from Delta this year. We will have Aquafusion Liberty 13 kayaks available, and some boats from Zegul, Tahe, Native, RTM, and Bonafide arriving this spring.

Standup paddle boards likewise will be in very limited supply. We have a couple of hard boards and some inflatable boards in stock, with a couple more hard boards still to come. Inflatable paddle boards should be available throughout the season.

Blackwell Cycle and Wawanosh Watercraft are the same business, and there is now an e-commerce page on the Blackwell Cycle website. Check it out, as we will be adding ‘Wawanosh Watercraft items’ to the that page.

Also, the Blackwell Cycle Facebook page serves Wawanosh Watercraft, so check it frequently for news and updates.

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